Valentines Day

We have had a lovely last day of term! The children have all worked so incredibly hard. We did lots of activities and the children watched Gnomeo and Juliet as a treat this afternoon. Have a wonderful half term and will look forward to seeing you all on Monday 24th February.

Self Portraits

The children have done a wonderful job creating their own self portraits . They explored different painting techniques and mixed colours for their skin tone. The children used drawing techniques to communicate ideas about themselves in a self portrait. They looked in mirrors and they took their time thinking carefully about their own features. Do you think they look like their portraits ?

100 days in Year 1

We had a fantastic day on Monday. The children looked fantastic in their outfits. They made such an effort bringing in things to represent the number 100. We danced through the decades at our party and enjoyed a cake and a drink. We completed lots of activities based around the number 100. The children wrote what they would be like when they are 100 years old.

100 days of school in Year 1

 Year 1 Homework for Monday 10th February.


Our Year 1 classes will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Monday 10th February 2020. To mark this special occasion, the number 100 is the inspiration for all of our lessons! We’re inviting all Y1 children to dress up as 100 year olds.

On our 100 Day we are asking children to bring in something that represents 100. Here are some ideas you can choose from:

  • 100 things about me. 100 things I like.
  • 100 animals
  • A collage/drawing with 100 objects.
  • A collection of 100 pennies
  • A bag of 100 cotton wool balls
  • 100 names of famous people
  • 100 paper clips, jelly beans, lolly sticks, pebbles, leaves, animal names, grains of rice, pasta shapes, beads, etc.

The possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see what you bring in!

Please can your child label their items clearly with their name and class.  We will be showing our 100 collections to children in KS1.

Thank you very much,

Year 1 teachers